Fortune Bay Challenge #2


DO YOU ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE?  Impress us with your skills!


Challenge:  Locate CPs, find clues, determine location of last CP with clue form CP2.  Must be respectful of those sites.

Challenge Ends:  July 11th, 2014

Purpose:  Practice/Develop research skills to pin point locations, using commonly available technology.  Practice Map and Compass skills.  Practice/Develop investigative and search skills to determine find the clue at CP 2 & 3.  Ability to read and use UTM coordinates is required.

Not Allowed:  GPS use is discouraged, but allowed.  Please leave the clue at CP2 and the container at CP3 as you found them.

Equipment and Skills needed:  Determined by the challenger, Map of challenge area is below.

Objective: Find three separate locations, visit the locations and record observations at those locations.   At CP 2, the location of CP3 is contained in a black container with a cord.   At CP3 there is a small black box with a “FBET” sticker.  Inside are prizes, take one.  Also, take a picture of you, and container at CP3.  Upload this picture when you complete the form.

Prize:  First to complete the challenge – FBET Vehicle Sticker/FBET Patch/FBET T-Shirt/Post of honor on the FBET FB Page/138 cool points.


CP1:   637290  4761480  (16T) <There is a post with two signs.  What does the top sign say?>
CP2:  638000   4761940   (16T) <Describe Location, find small black box with lanyard attached.  Open box for location of CP3.  RETURN CLUE AND BOX AS YOU FOUND IT>
CP3:  <UNDISCLOSED – coordinates are at CP2>  <Small Black Box hidden in the area of coordinates>.

Mapandcompassthumb  Map of the Challenge Area

Clues at locations:

CP2 – Earthen approach to a barn hidden in clump of trees.  Barn has long since disappeared.  Ruins.  South of trail – north rock face.  In crevice (Crevasse) hidden by a small rock.

CP3 – Campsite – under fallen tree.  Take one item for yourself.

Use Form to Record your Challenger Response:





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