Expedition Season Ends. . .

Expedition season has ended for 2014.   It was a very busy year with 5 expeditions, a number of trainings and over a dozen classes.  We would like to thank our professional members for their work and guidance through out busiest season ever.  We would also like to thank Robin “Killer Bee” Hutsko for her help in maintaining our public website and her help in developing and building our new “School of Expeditionary Sciences” website (Members Only).

We would also like to welcome our newest members to full team status.  This year, for the first time, we began accepting new working members – called Guild Members.   We are very excited to have each one of them on the team and we are looking forward to developing and growing with them.

Now, training season (and the new expedition season) begins in earnest.   We have two hikes scheduled for December (check out our “Upcoming Events”) and 11 more events planned including the Alley of the Glacier Expedition (a winter kayak trip).

Now, to reflect back at the past year and all the awesomeness that is our team.  Thanks Everyone!!!


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