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We Go Farther.   We live without excuses and go beyond our comfort zone.   We teach and learn skills in leadership, navigation, rope work, climbing, paddling, exploring and much more.  We inspire others to live beyond and push themselves further than they have imagined.  We explore the far reaches and the little known.


Join us to learn a skill or to travel to inspiring destination.   Read and watch adventures and life changing experiences.


The most comprehensive outdoor skills school in the midwest.  Not only do we have a large selection of course in a variety of fields, we staff some of the best instructors in the region.


Subjects include wilderness medicine, survival, land navigation, climbing, rope work, search and rescue, and leadership are just a few of the subjects we offer.


The school prepares our members for epic outdoor adventures, leadership and a more fulfilling life.


Members become part of the expedition team.  They travel, teach courses, explore and make the team what it is.


Love to explore? Consider becoming a member to get discounts on live course, access to dozens of online courses .

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"We Go Farther."

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Build your skills, change your life, join us for adventure, meet some great people.   Become part of an outstanding team.