FBET Membership Information

Membership levels vary depending on the individual’s level of skill, knowledge, and competency as well as the individual’s desire to grow and learn. While some members may choose to remain part of the general public and simply attend courses, other members strive to go further and join the team on expeditions, excursions and other events.

Fortune Bay Expedition Team’s goal is to help those who express a desire to learn to develop the skills necessary to be strong and competent outdoor leaders. We acknowledge some members may aspire to go further than others, and as a result have developed a comprehensive guide designed to help members be successful with achieving their highest desired position.

Click on the specific position for more information:

Membership LevelPosition
Public MemberGeneral Public
Guild MemberBasic Guild Member
Guild MemberAdvanced Guild Member
Expedition LeaderBasic Expedition Leader (BEL)
Expedition LeaderAdvanced Expedition Leader (AEL)
Expedition LeaderMaster Expedition Leader (MEL)