Trans-Taiga Expedition

Details:  Exploration by overland.

Expedition Objective:  The purpose of this expedition is to explore the area of James Bay and west across the Canadian Taiga on the most remote road in North American.

Total Distance:  3,300 miles

Area of Operation:  Quebec, Canada and James Bay

Expedition Resources:

Personnel – 10 Members

Equipment – 8 Vehicles

Mode of Travel – Overland, Foot

Expedition Communication: Ham Radio, Satellite Uplink

Expedition Frequency (monitored): V5 – 146.42 MHz Simplex

Expedition Call Sign (Leader): Blue, (Trans-Taiga Expedition)

Assistant Expedition Leader:  Pathfinder

Support Leader Call Sign:  N/A

Alternate Expedition Channel: V8

Alternate Channel Call Sign:  Charlie Juliet Echo

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Expedition’s Last Reported Location

Expedition’s Historical Track

Planned Expedition Area of Operation