Expeditionary Rope Work – Descending (TR4)

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017


Location: Quarry Road, Lyons, MI

Public Price: $70

– None


Course Overview:

Expeditions and exploration require a very diverse skill set to build and use a variety of rope systems. The varying terrain, structures and land forms in expedition travel require techniques and standards adopted from a wide variety of disciplines including climbing, caving, canyoneering, rescue and more. Expeditionary Rope work expands on the Technical Rescue aspects of Technical Rope Work 1-3. The student will develop confidence and competence in expedition rope systems used in a wide spectrum of environments.

Expeditionary Rope Work expands on Basic Rope Work (TR1-3) with more focused and advanced techniques.  Access to difficult places such as rock cuts, chasms, mountain tops, caves, canyons, subterranean structures, hazardous terrain, structures, vessels and a variety of other challenges are covered. We explore multiple methods and standards of “descending”.

Descending is responsible for more mountaineering accidents than any other activity.   The skills, techniques, understanding and standards are an extremely important skill set for individuals to master.  The rope work techniques needed to access and safely travel on hazardous terrain are demonstrated and performed by the student. Techniques such as self belay, self arrest, anchoring systems, extended rappels, rappelling configurations, safety and self rescue are covered. Various devices used in expeditionary rope work will be taught and used by participants.

Students will participate in various rope systems that can be safely adapted to a multitude of conditions.

Students will need to provide the following required personal equipment for course:

  • Gloves
  • UIAA approved helmet
  • Type II harness (rock climbing, caving, rescue harness. “Seat Style”)
  • Two 6mm prusik cords and at least 20 feet of 1’ tubular webbing (marked with an identifying mark of the student)
  • Boots (hiking or work, high ankle boots)

All ropes, devices and other technical equipment is provided.  Students who do not have the “personal technical equipment” (listed above) for the class, may use FBET’s equipment.  If you need to borrow personal technical equipment – please note that on your registration.

Cost: $70

Note:  Expeditionary Rope Work (Ascending) will immediately follow this course.   For a complete day of training, students may consider signing up for both courses.

Please note this class is not eligible for the KCSAR discount

Questions? Email the Instructor.