Training Paddle

Thursday, May 25th, 2017
Time: 18:30 – 21:30

Location: Stoney Lake, 1200 Bowes Street Southeast, Lowell, MI

Member Cost – Free
Non-Member Cost $10.00

Kayaks were first used in North America by the Inuit people thousands of years ago for hunting and fishing. They were integral to the Inuit way of life and each kayak was built to fit the owner; and because they hunted in the freezing subarctic waters, kayak rolling and recovery techniques were essential for survival.

Here in the great lakes, where we use modern plastic and fiberglass kayaks, learning and practicing recovery techniques remains important for safe adventuring. Nearby Stoney Lake provides a fantastic venue for us to gather practice basic recovery skills before we go out on our summer explorations.

We will practice a variety of solo and assisted recovery techniques including: T-Rescue, Paddle Float Self Rescues, bow rescue, and scrambles. We’ll provide basic instructions and demonstrations and work together to perfect techniques.

Required Gear:
kayak with sealed bulkhead or floatation
U.S. Coast Guard approved Class III PFD
Clothing suitable for getting wet

Recommended Gear:
Paddle Float
Nose Plug (optional)

Questions? Email the Instructor