Water Medicine (WM3)

Water Medicine

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This course will explore illness and injuries common in waterborne activities.   Boaters, kayakers, canoers, or anyone who spends time in, on, or around the water will benefit from this course.  It is recommended that students already have First Aid training (Wilderness First Aid preferred) but this is not a requirement.

Water activities pose special medical considerations.   Concepts such as drowning, hypothermia, cold shock, trench foot, sun exposure, cold exposure, waterborne disease, lightning, cardiac considerations, environmental, infections and many other water related injuries are covered.  First aid, long term aid, and transportation for these injuries are covered including common treatment, myths, improvised medicine and wilderness considerations.  Prevention being the best medicine, we will discuss methods to avoid many of this ailments.

The student will be provided a wealth of information regarding water related illness including prevention of common injuries of boaters, kayakers, canoers and maritime professionals.   A panel of instructors will provide a well-rounded cadre to explore questions, considerations and practical knowledge.

A perfect course for the Great Lakes Adventurer.

Lecture 1.5 hours, practical work 1.5 hours

2 hours of EMS CME will be provided (approved by MDHHS)